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Cate  Posted on: 10:06 PM - Friday October 31, 2014
Jericho is one of those shows that hits on all cylinders. The writing, the acting, is just top-notch. It is, if you will, like a good book that you cannot put down. I want to take this opportunity to urge CBS, Netflix to continue this amazing drama.Thank you.
Gaynell Izard Posted on: 02:35 PM - Sunday October 19, 2014
Please Netflix or CBS consider picking back up the series Jericho - what an amazing show that's actually has a story plot that's not based on useless mindless Kardashian subjects. This show defined whats few can do to change the world on the brink of collapsing due to corruption, keeping Faith and doing what's right. Even if the ratings aren't sky high please consider keeping a spot for Jericho which has good content and not junk tv. Thank you

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Summer Izard Posted on: 02:12 PM - Sunday October 19, 2014
Please bring back Jericho - what an amazing show that's actually has a story plot that's not based on useless mindless Kardashian subjects. This show defined whats few can do to change the world on the brink of collapsing due to corruption, keeping Faith and doing what's right. Even if the ratings aren't sky high please consider keeping a spot for Jericho which has good content and not junk tv. Thank you
kristi  Posted on: 10:49 PM - Friday October 03, 2014
Jericho is AWESOME. I could could not stop watching. I found it on netflix and watched every episode in about a week. I also work about 50 hours a week..I did not get much sleep. When I googled to find out when the show was running, I was devastated when I found out it was no longer on! I generally do not watch cbs nbc network TV. CW USA SCYFY FX A&E TBS and I have to give a shout out for foxnews channel. They sll have better shows. neyflix should pick it up or find out what current tv shows Jericho fans are watching now a get the same cable network to pick it up. BRING Back JERICHO!!!!!.
Denis Gosling Posted on: 07:28 AM - Sunday September 28, 2014
jericho .... Watched it on Netflix ... Can't believe I missed it , bring it back
Trevor Lehr Posted on: 11:43 PM - Thursday September 18, 2014
This show is epically amazing! I would love to see this show continue.. Great storyline, good actors, awesome setting.... This is the show small towners dream about! I hope Netflix catches a glimpse of this very site and makes the decision to fund future seasons. I guarantee if Jericho was continued it would create revenue above and beyond " The Walking Dead."
Cody Fitzgerald Posted on: 12:41 PM - Sunday September 07, 2014
Enter your comments here...Bring it back NOW... too early for its time.
Jose Crespo Posted on: 02:00 PM - Tuesday September 02, 2014
My Wife and I saw both seasons on Netflix. WOW!!

Intense, gripping, addictive, what a concept, what an ending!! The actors all were top notch, great picks for each character. Shot like mini movies with a fantastic storyline.

Leaves me wanting more and I never saw this on TV when it was originally out.

With so much garbage on TV this show will be a stand out once brought back on the air.

My suggestion would be a movie on the civil war that leads into the next season.

I'll be getting to comics soon since I'm re-watching the entire series again on Netflix...yea just can't stop watching.
Janice Gricken Posted on: 11:38 PM - Sunday August 24, 2014
Just watched all 30 epis and I can truthfully say it's one of the best shows ever written! Great characters,well written storyline, not too "complicated" of a plot but still intriguing, Please bring it back!
Jake Peterson Posted on: 10:54 AM - Tuesday August 12, 2014
Please bring Jericho back I'm done with season 1 and 2 and I really want more netflix please bring it back
Dan Lidstone Posted on: 06:30 PM - Wednesday July 16, 2014
Bring Jericho back. That is all.
Stephanie Lidstone Posted on: 06:28 PM - Wednesday July 16, 2014
PLEASE take on Jericho! My husband and I just finished the final
episode and we are so disappointed that it is over. It just got better and better and you really begin to care about the characters and then it STOPPED! Please being it back!!! Netflix rocks!
Ryan  Emile Posted on: 10:42 PM - Sunday July 06, 2014
Please bring back Jericho. Best show ever. What other show would have fans that keep up this kind of protest 6 years after the shows cancellation? Bring back Jericho, it's the smart thing to do
Shane Z Posted on: 10:18 AM - Tuesday July 01, 2014
My wife and I just discovered Jericho last week. We completed the series last night. The story needs to go on! Great plot, can't believe this show was cancelled. Considering all the other crap out there.
Janie M Posted on: 01:47 PM - Thursday June 26, 2014
I would also love to see Jericho come back! I loved this show! I was so disappointed to see it end so soon. Please bring it back?
Jeff  Posted on: 05:14 AM - Wednesday June 11, 2014
It is sad that a show as great as this gets stuck in the politics of the networks. To bring it back for a small second season, place it opposite of American Idol, and cancel it again based on a 25% reduction in viewers due to these politics. When did 9 million viewers become a small number? That is alot of people watching the commercials and should be enough to pay for the show. BRING JERICHO BACK, we need good programming like this again. This would be huge for NetFlix.
Kyle Rosensteel Posted on: 07:10 PM - Tuesday June 10, 2014
Please bring Jericho back! It has recently become one of my favorite TV shows, and I would love to see it return.
Karina W Posted on: 08:23 PM - Monday June 09, 2014
BEST SHOW EVER! It needs to continue! All of us "JERICHO NUTS" need to ban together & send Netflix CEO Reed Hastings letters, emails & NUTS to get the show back for SEASON 3! Netflix was negotiating SEASON 3 just last year! Send letters/nuts directly to Netflix head CEO's desk; Reed Hastings CEO, Netflix Inc. 100 Winchester Cir. Los Gatos, CA 95032. Help get the word out to continue Jericho! THANK YOU!
John Cooper Posted on: 05:02 PM - Tuesday June 03, 2014
jericho was and continues to be one of my favorite shows of all time,I can't fathom why Netflix wouldn't pick it up...The budget has be next to nothing as far as set is concerned and all the actors are available....Netflix bring it back if you don't you're missing a great oppertunity..
Darren Fichter Posted on: 09:00 PM - Thursday May 29, 2014
Bring back one of the best shows I have ever watched! This will trump the walking dead show.
Great plot and excellent acting! Cast really makes the show!
sarah aka Posted on: 07:49 AM - Saturday May 24, 2014
Jericho is up there with the walking dead! I never, ever thought I'd find a show as good as TWD.
Jericho needs to come back! I KNOW it would be so popular if this was aired on T.V/Netflix today.
We need to know what happens next!!!

Jessica Sparkling Posted on: 10:47 PM - Friday May 09, 2014
BRING BACK THE SHOW PLEASE!!!! My Husband and I love the show… We were very disappointed to find out it was cancelled. They are some horrible show that have tons of season that still air and a good show like Jericho is cancels..I just don't get it.
Tory  Ryan Posted on: 05:34 PM - Tuesday April 29, 2014
There are tons of reality based garbage shows on television. We were quite happy to find something this entertaining. The actors, and story line are magnetic. Its like a book you dont want to put down. Myself and wife began watching jericho a couple weeks ago on netflix, we were addicted. We have two episodes left and then its over (insert really sad face). A friend told me about a book called "one second after". Basically it is the book this show must have been based is a fantastic read in case anyone see's this, grab it. The people seem to be speaking, on this site, and many many others, bring the show back. Its like another walking dead, which is also addictive.
Molli Makool Posted on: 02:13 PM - Wednesday April 16, 2014
My boyfriend and I love this series! We always find ourselves watching it on Netflix!! Please bring it back for more episodes! We are dying to continue watching what happens! Please please please!!!!!
Michael Garrison Posted on: 02:10 PM - Wednesday April 16, 2014
Please oh please bring back Jericho!!! I absolutely love this series and I watch it constantly on Netflix! Please bring this series back with the same actors so I can continue to love this series for many years to come!!!
Mike and family Posted on: 06:55 PM - Tuesday April 15, 2014
Enter your comments here... I want this kick as show back. My family and I watch this show about once a year. We would love a continuation of the show. It never should have been pulled. Netflix, do it!
Mike and family
4/15/2014. Still years later, people are still trying to get this show back. Take a fun king hint!
frank spitzer Posted on: 06:23 PM - Friday April 11, 2014
Please bring back Jericho, its become my favorite series. Great story great actors, there is so much more life in this show. Please give it another chance.
Jake Dunfree Posted on: 05:57 PM - Wednesday April 09, 2014
Please save Jericho.
Bjarki  Freyr Posted on: 08:24 PM - Tuesday April 01, 2014
I really love this show this is about the fifth time I finish the two seasons and I'm dying for more, there have been made graphic novels about the rest f the story, which got great response from fans, lately I hear that there are over 6 million Jericho fans so Netflix please don't let us down and start the show back up again, CBS just didn't care about the series enough to try and keep it alive. Netflix I believe that you'll do the right thing. Think, what would Jesus do?
Paula Rosselet Posted on: 04:55 PM - Sunday March 23, 2014
We need Jericho back for Season 3! You can't just leave it at the beginning of the Revolution, it's just getting good! I loved the characters and the story and my family can't wait for more. Come on Netflix, don't let us down!!!!!
Keith  Kling Posted on: 09:22 PM - Wednesday March 05, 2014
So my wife & I are totally hooked!!!! Just finished season one on Netflix & are already getting sad cause only 7 more episodes to go....had no idea we would enjoy a "tv show"....but this one really hits home in more ways than one!! It has made us wonder why there wasn't a third of money or ratings--we're not buying that...big brother must have not liked the controversial topic(s) that the show that as it may it was (and hopefully will be again) an awesome show!!! Truly hope someone, somehow brings this show back to life!! If not.........

Bailey  Posted on: 03:19 PM - Wednesday March 05, 2014
Just watched Jericho for the second time. Netflix must bring Jericho back. It will get more views now then ever. One of the greatest tv shows ever lived. "I wanna see the Civil War and know what happens to Jake"
Save  Jericho Posted on: 07:31 PM - Wednesday February 26, 2014
I saw Jericho on Netflix and thought why not give it a try. I watched the first episode and told my husband you have to watch this. Needless to say over the next three days we watched all of the episodes. We even got my mother-in-law hooked. Great acting, great story, never a dull moment in Jericho!!! Bring it back with all the original characters. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!
Fabio Pinna from Italy Posted on: 11:12 PM - Sunday February 23, 2014
Greetings to all fans of Jericho! I started watching this series one month ago with my family, my cousin tell me about it, I didn't know before, after buying Series DVD's and we loved it so much! The story of Jericho it's amazing and original, I've seen a few series as beautiful as this! The story ended more or less fine but with many questions to solve with another season or Tv-Movie, it's incredible that a fantastic Tv Series like this had low ratings, I really hope that Netflix or CBS renew the series as soon as possible, I will do everything to make it happen! Thanks for this fantastic website! Greetings from Italy, Fabio!
Jani from Finland Posted on: 03:07 PM - Tuesday February 18, 2014
Bring Jericho back on screen!!! Pleezee!! If it is about money, check how the movie "Iron Sky" was made. Group sourcing could make it.
Daniel McGlothen Posted on: 02:22 PM - Tuesday February 04, 2014
Wonderful show. Let's get it back on
Darryl Foster Posted on: 04:30 PM - Sunday February 02, 2014
I've watched this series three times. It's the best show I've ever seen. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick  phillippi Posted on: 11:00 PM - Friday January 31, 2014
You have to bring back this show. Its one of the best series to hit tv. Everyone I know that has seen it says the same thing. BRING BACK JERICHO.
Steve Soprano Posted on: 03:42 AM - Wednesday January 29, 2014
Watched Jericho on Netflix and was crushed when I realized the second season was only 7 episodes. Binge-watched the whole thing in less than a week and I need more! Bring it back Netflix!
Garrett Harrison Posted on: 10:11 PM - Tuesday January 28, 2014
I can't believe that were could actually get the show back! I watched Jericho on Netflix and fell in love with jake and heather. hoping for them to continue this & make season 3 longer!!! hopefully jake gets over Emily & goes for Heather I've always like her personality. Bring the show back!!!
Jarod Klassen Posted on: 03:14 PM - Monday January 27, 2014
I'm definitely with the rest in saying Jericho is an amazing show!!! I'm all for it coming back and really hope a deal can be made. This is the time, it should happen now, I've heard nothing but glowing reviews from all who've watched it... Bring it back!!!
a max Posted on: 08:51 AM - Wednesday January 22, 2014
Just finished watching jericho on Netflix. They can't just leave it there!!!!!BRING BACK JERICHO
kie  Posted on: 04:36 PM - Sunday January 19, 2014
Please please please bring this show back. This is by far the best show I have ever seen. Luv Luv Luv it.
Rasmus Petersen Posted on: 10:38 AM - Saturday January 18, 2014
Seriously get this show back on now!!
Daniel Jensen Posted on: 09:39 AM - Saturday January 18, 2014
Just watched both seasons on Netflix, and my god! From the view on how corporate America immediately would try to take control, to the war against small town americans is brilliant. I love this series, and i really hope Netflix have the courage to put they're money and sweat in a season 3. The walking dead, Breaking Bad and Jericho FTW. From Denmark
Charity Rogers Posted on: 10:27 PM - Thursday January 02, 2014
Enter your comments here...I loved this series! Bring it back!
Patrick Reade Posted on: 06:58 PM - Monday December 30, 2013
Such a good show, got so much going for it. Really like the characters, the main plot, the subplots. Great writing, great setting, not many other shows like it.
sean j Posted on: 11:12 PM - Saturday December 28, 2013
Awesome storyline .. gets more and more exciting the more episodes you get into .. why you not bring on season 3 and then some .. the storyline has been left so far wide open that its begging for a new season .
siraj fred Posted on: 05:05 PM - Monday December 02, 2013
Jericho is the best show ever!!! almost done second season and so sad that I am almost at the ending, so please bring it back!!!!!
Iain Watson Posted on: 11:25 AM - Tuesday November 26, 2013
Just Finished Season 1 and now Working my way through season 2... NETFLIX's need to bring this back the best Show I have seen in ages, and I watch a lot of TV :P .... i cant believe they have kept some show alive for 3 or 4 seasons but cancelled Jericho after 2
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