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Micah Moore Posted on: 01:33 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
I simply can't believe what they are wanting to replace Jericho with. MORE reality TV shows? I'm within inches of giving up on Television and only using it for my cable internet.

Get back on the phones and emails people. Its not over yet.
Michael J Posted on: 12:57 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
While the emails and phone calls and petitions are all nice ideas, if you REALLY, TRULY want to help, you need to send an actual physically letter to CBS. Those hold more weight with the networks - trust me as someone who worked in the industry for years. Sit down, write a professional letter - the "YOU SUCK FOR DOING THIS" letters are discarded, and send it via the mail. It will speak much louder.

I hope the show returns but it's going to be a hard battle and not one with strong odds...kinda like Jericho vs. New Bern. Good luck!

Calhoun  Posted on: 12:47 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Man..... I need my weekly Jericho fix.. this sux..
but then again... all the shows I liked get canned after 1 season...(space above and beyond/Invasion/Surface) but this 1 is actualy worth saving!!!!!!!
The suspence was finally getting grittier. :(((
Damian W. Posted on: 12:45 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Im from Poland, many people here are really upset with this situation that CBS cancelled Jericho. At now we can watch in polish tv (AXN POLAND) the 16 episode, it's really sad that we'll see only 6 next episodes.

What I think is that CBS make a big mistek, because Jericho have a big international audience.
Melissa Marshall Posted on: 12:43 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
You rock for making this site!! I am going to buy my can of nuts tonight and mailing them in the morning. How could they cancel this show??? At least attempt on putting it on another night. Jericho was the ONLY reason I watched CBS and now I will never watch it again.
31620 signatures on the petition and counting.
Diva Ross Posted on: 12:43 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
This is a Great Show! I DVR every week and would not dream of missing it. If you can not keep it going, please allow another network to pick it up. Don't leave us hanging when we hung in there to watch.
Martha Catala Posted on: 12:39 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Enter your comments here...Jericho is a great show that takes the viewer away from what is happening in this crazy world. I am sick & tired of all the stupid reality shows. CBS is doing a big mistake. At least, on my part, I will not watch any more CBS. Now, start counting your ratings!!!!
Bert Lee Posted on: 12:29 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Fran Kirby Posted on: 12:24 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Jericho is one of those shows that comes along once in a blue moon. A well written and acted show that brought out a peoples ability to think again. Lets be honest, all the legal shows and reality shows do not make some one thihnk. The only reason Jericho was cancelled was because CBS could not handle it properly. Lets be real a 3 month hiatus and then up against American Idol (another usless piece of SH*t). If CBS is so high on CSI, let the programmers act as the corpses for those shows, since they are already brain dead. Bring back Jericho.
Jane Sweat Posted on: 12:15 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
This is the best show on TV. Every episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat. CBS never gave it a fair shot. Just like they cancelled Daybreak.
Alan Runcis Posted on: 12:14 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Jericho a best show! Latvia watch this great show!
Save Jericho!!!
CBS!!! Please tell all Latvian people: Sory but we canceling Jericho! And give TV3 money back!
Barry Sulicki Posted on: 12:03 PM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Come on CBS u get me hooked on Jericho, then onto the entire wensdyay night line up. In NYC CBS news use to have an awesoem segment, but they lost it to Fox, and yes CBS SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU, you are in the HALL OF SHAME!
Angela Phonchanh Posted on: 11:46 AM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Lets do all we can to save this great show! Heres another good spot for Jericho I say we keep the fight going in any way we can....just like Jericho would!
R C Posted on: 11:35 AM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Enter your comments here...
Hey CBS! Are there targets glued to your feet? Bamm! oww! ha ha you did it again!
peter rucci Posted on: 11:26 AM - Thursday May 17, 2007
What was great about the show you never knew what was going to happen next.It was always fun to watch.
Chad Foxx Posted on: 07:16 AM - Thursday May 17, 2007
Jericho was the only show cbs had.Now They have nothing.If cbs does'nt bring back Jericho i will never watch cbs again.Personally,if it does'nt come back,i hope cbs goes OFF THE AIR.Cynthia is right,all stations get rid of some really great shows.
Brittany R Posted on: 10:46 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Jericho is the best show on television. Never have I been so involved in a T.V show. This show has such a great mix of emotions every week. The acting is great, plot is great. It really leaves me wanting more after every episode. I have left feedback everywhere. I hope this all does some good. I also hope that Kelly K at CBS enjoys her 5lb bag of
NUTS!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one to send her some :)
Sonya Haney Posted on: 09:11 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
CBS is making a big mistake. Jericho is one of the best shows on television. I'm tired of having nothing to choose from except CSI type shows. I wanted something different and Jericho is exactly what I wanted. I won't be watching any new shows this season because there's no use getting interested in a good show if it's just going to be cancelled!
Jeana Malcolm Posted on: 06:52 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Has the CBS board been taken down? I can't seem to get to it anymore and I was just on it an hour ago...
Chad Boyd Posted on: 03:44 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
CBS never gave Jericho a chance. Even against a two month layoff and putting it against American Idol it managed to get the attention of everyone who is going NUTS! today.

Save Jericho!!
Paula Hawk Posted on: 03:43 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
I have copied this from a thread on the CBS (ick) website where we have all been ranting all day. This makes a GREAT deal of sense, and the only way we will be able to save Jericho!

Just remember everyone.....

For any of this to have a hope of having ANY impact at this point a few things need to happen

1. ALL communications to the network and advertisers MUST be polite but firm and resolute. We are serious about wanting the show back - we cannot appear to be stark raving mad (despite the fact that most of us are today with the announcement)

2. That receptionist at the network and the network voicemail - needs to stay busy for days. Activity has to build (just like ratings) not wane the further from the announcement we get. The knew they would get feedback today - its what happens tomorrow, Friday, and so on that really counts

3. Email needs to flood in from as many different email addresses as possible (this includes feedback forms) for days

4. Nuts away - the nut campaign can't be a passing fancy. Planters, Fisher, etc... (all nut manufactures) need to see an odd sudden increase in their sales figures for the month of may.

5. Other media need to take notice of our efforts - I have posted comments on the Jericho cancellation article on, and several other sites today. Local (particularly NYC and LA) attention on our efforts - print, radio, TV news - is critical. CBS stopped paying attention to this board probably a week ago - they knew what they would read here when the word came down. We need to get the message out.

I sent 11 lbs of shell-on peanuts to both Nina and Les. Peanuts in shell are bulkier for the weight - but all nuts are good at this point - international people, send packing peanuts with a note if you're worried about customs. I know Nina's arrived as both packages were sent express so they would be there Tuesday morning with my letter.

If you truly want the SAVE JERICHO campaign to succeed (and right now it's an uphill battle), you must commit to it for the long haul - that's days, weeks worth of campaigning.
Gwenda Winder Posted on: 03:24 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
You've made a huge mistake in canceling Jericho. Look at JAG. It was canceled after one season on NBC and then had a 9 year run on CBS. I watched it for 10 seasons and was sorry to see it come to an end. You made a brilliant decision in recognizing a quality show in JAG. Make another brilliant decision and renew Jericho.
zero bond Posted on: 03:21 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
brazil watch jericho... don
Sarakin  Posted on: 03:21 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Keep the show rollin!!!
Cynthia Wilson Posted on: 02:53 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Jericho was a great show, is a great show, and I can't believe CBS is doing to it what Fox did to Firefly. What NBC did to Surface; what ABC did to Invasion and Threshold. Why can't good shows just be left alone to succeed?
Brandy Mann Posted on: 02:48 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Please don't cancel this show-it is one of my favorites!
David H. Posted on: 02:23 PM - Wednesday May 16, 2007
Jericho is a great tv show and CBS is crazy for canceling it!
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