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Anna Green Posted on: 10:09 AM - Friday November 15, 2013
Jericho is so damn good and jake is soo good looking we need Jericho series 3 on netflixs bring it back
Brad Mulligan Posted on: 07:44 PM - Friday October 25, 2013
Bring Jericho back! One of the top shows of the last quarter century!!!!!!
Jack Huffman Posted on: 05:12 PM - Sunday October 20, 2013
This show is great Netflix should bring it back.
They would probably handle better than cbs
Hillary E Posted on: 07:18 AM - Sunday October 20, 2013
This show was amazing. I did not know about t when it was originally on CBS but now I am hooked. I cannot believe it was ever cancelled. Really hoping Netflix brings back more seasons. CBS could too but I'd trust Netflix would carry out more episodes. I'd be too afraid CBS would cancel it again.
Laura Wilson Posted on: 11:59 PM - Friday October 18, 2013
Jericho : bring it back ill sign a petion I'm ready !
Stephanie Priske Posted on: 11:08 PM - Thursday October 17, 2013
Please bring it back, best show ever!!!!
Brian French Posted on: 06:45 PM - Thursday October 17, 2013
Netflix throw us a life line! Please bring back this amazing cast and story. And to CBS, nuts.
Donald Mapes Posted on: 02:07 AM - Wednesday October 16, 2013
Please bring it back. I never heard of this show before, but after watching both seasons, I'm hooked. The likelihood that it would ever come back is slim, but I think it would perform well. If CBS doesn't want it, pitch it to AMC. Perhaps it could run during the off season of TWD. Wouldn't that be something.
Connor Bagnall Posted on: 12:10 PM - Tuesday October 15, 2013
Please bring it back! Does anyone know anymore info on whether negotiations have worked? I heard about them talking with Netflix about possibly bringing it back. Brilliant series with the greatest fans!
Alison Last Posted on: 03:30 PM - Monday October 14, 2013
Enter your comments here...

I am in mourning , just watched the last episode. Bring back one of the most gripping dramas.
S Porter Posted on: 05:44 PM - Tuesday September 17, 2013
Best series ever AND more relavent than ever in today's political climate!
David Randolph Posted on: 08:07 PM - Saturday September 14, 2013
Jericho was a great and original tv series. I know everyone i know loved the show and would love to see it return to netflix.
Trevor  West Posted on: 10:28 PM - Monday September 09, 2013
Please bring back! Plz!!!! B b
John J Posted on: 12:29 PM - Friday September 06, 2013
In my opinion, this is the best television series that I have seen....bring back Jericho PLEASE!
Justin Munson Posted on: 07:54 PM - Wednesday September 04, 2013
Netflix better bring this show back
Sarah  Posted on: 12:22 AM - Thursday August 29, 2013
Omg I LOVE this show its what I live on please please please bring it back......... I love the amazing cast just please bring it back! The best part is that Skeet Ulrich is on it love him please bring the show back
Claire Lee Posted on: 01:32 PM - Wednesday August 28, 2013
I just finished all the episodes on Netflix in 2days! I need more....please!!!!
Jen K Posted on: 01:30 PM - Wednesday August 28, 2013
Please bring Jericho back!!!! This show is addicting!!!! Amazing cast,acting, top notch graphics and storyline that will keep u watching! We need more Jericho!!!
Ana Yoder Posted on: 03:02 AM - Monday August 26, 2013
This is a great show...great story lines, very realistic to what could happen but above all, as a mother and grandmother, this is one of the few without graphic violence and sexual explicit content. Please, please, please bring it back....
Bring It Back Posted on: 05:53 PM - Wednesday August 21, 2013
Great show. Netflix has done great with House Of Cards. Might as well take on a known winner Netflix.
Chris Done this befor Posted on: 05:03 PM - Monday August 19, 2013
The best way to get a response is to organize one day where you have as many people as possible call into netflix and cbs letting them know there interest in seeing the show brought back.

Then create a great social media campaign to organize the event. If you could pick a day from the shows possibly in september that would be best.
Michelle  Posted on: 08:39 PM - Monday August 12, 2013
I never watched the show when it came on tv, but me and my fiancÚ just finished it on Netflix and it is one of the best shows I have ever seen! I cannot believe they cancelled it, I don't see how it couldn't get the ratings to continue. I think they hurried the last episode and definitely need to make many more seasons!!!
Greg Clark Posted on: 07:20 AM - Monday August 12, 2013
I loved It
Gwen Roeder Posted on: 06:39 AM - Monday August 12, 2013
It was confirmed at Comic Con, that CBS and Netflix are in negotiations. Fans are encouraged to write to: Mr. Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix, 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032
Joseph Brady Posted on: 01:27 AM - Thursday August 08, 2013
This is by far one of the best shows I've seen in my life. I can't believe how they would cancel something so amazing. Canceling Jericho is one of the worst mistakes CBS could have made, and they'd be damn fools not to get this show up and running again while they still can. PLEASE bring back Jericho.
Susie Jackson Posted on: 03:33 PM - Wednesday August 07, 2013
I love Jericho! They need to just make it exclusively to netflix! That would be the best way to advertise. Make it come back!
brian  siemer Posted on: 05:32 PM - Tuesday August 06, 2013
My neighbors and I are watching Jericho series my neighbors first time. They cannot believe the series got cut I think a CBS did a terrible job advertising it. The show is just still the coolest out there. Man I wish like AMC would pick it up. CBS just did a terrible job advertising it I think its better than REVOLUTION on NBC!
Adam Chauvette Posted on: 01:42 AM - Tuesday August 06, 2013
This show is simply amazing. I just watched every episode in one wife is gonna be pissed when she sees I didnt wait for her. Anyway, this series is close to how it would be if this ever happened to us. It feels so real while watching it because of how todays world is. NetFlix needs to continue this series and not stop. It is by far my most favorite series of all that o have ever watched and it leaves me BEGGING for more!!! I never heaed of the show until I saw it on NetFlix, but had I watched just the firat episode when it was released, I would have been tellong every person I know aboht it! The best story of survival, betrayal, love, friendship, and courage I have ever watched from a fictional series. BRING IT BACK!!!
Jonah  Prowse Posted on: 12:50 AM - Sunday August 04, 2013
I think I deserve a heads up when you cancel my show. Next time I will bring back up to show how a battle happens. Me and Jake green have unfinished business. So please help me out and my bandits do what we do best which is surviving. Make a season 3 and get ready to watch an ultimate show down!
I want Jericho back Posted on: 12:43 AM - Sunday August 04, 2013
I want JEricho back on the air I love it! Season3, season 4, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 and 10. I love this show bring new seasons for television.
hannah blizken Posted on: 02:08 AM - Friday August 02, 2013
Jericho is one of the coolest shows I have ever seen. I just wish I had known about it sooner. Please bring Jericho back!!!!!!!!!
Oscar  Posted on: 03:29 PM - Wednesday July 31, 2013
I never watched Jericho when it first came out in 2006. I had no idea the show was even out there. Thanks to Netflix I was about to watch each episode in a matter of days. I honestly believe that I'm not the only one who watched it like that. I still to this day watch Jericho religiously. I hope that whoever is in charge reads every post, from every fan. I have to say if I knew there was a time that we could send in Nuts to save the show, I would have. I still will if it was possible to re-ignite this fallen show.
Robbie Derbyshire Posted on: 05:32 PM - Tuesday July 30, 2013
this show was just amazing got into it through Netflix cant belive it just stopped just was something different
jack huff Posted on: 05:58 AM - Friday July 26, 2013
I started watching this series because I like the walking dead and wanted another apocalyptic show to watch and personally I like Jericho more than the walking dead. And I realize back in 06-08 nobody was worried out the economy as bad as today but everyone would love it to and ratings would go sky high so please bring Jericho back please
Vanessa S. Posted on: 07:53 AM - Friday July 19, 2013
I would get NUTS if they would seriously continue Jericho, this would be huge!!
But the only way for me its gonna work, if they get the original cast together, or at least most of them.
I'm still waiting and hoping the best!
Biggest mistake ever for canceling this show!
Just love it!
Kevin Dobson Posted on: 01:37 PM - Thursday July 18, 2013
I was involved in the NUTS campaign, I sent email after email, I fought, and fought to get people involved. In my local area I started a group, that quickly grew to a few hundred people. And this was in a town smaller than 20,000 people. The emotions (relationships/loss of Johnston Green which was the saddest part of the series for me), the action, the plot lines, and the fact that it's something that could actually happen in this day and age, it was a wake up call, and allowed for fans to get even more wrapped up in it, and think "what if", as a show. I did an opinion piece for our local paper way back when the show was canceled. And I will fight for this show as long as I can!

I am not sure how to get this stuff sent to Netflix, but, I at least hope you guys get some enjoyment out of my opinion piece, and I hope it can bring some extra attention to the show!
Phil D Posted on: 10:22 AM - Tuesday July 16, 2013
Awesome... This show has such a following. I am so glad I took the chance and clicked play on netflix. Please continue this show. Skeet Ulrich did sucha good job playing his character. The plot is thick and exciting. BRING BACK JERICHO!
Devin T Posted on: 05:12 PM - Saturday July 13, 2013
Started watching this show on Netflix, hooked since day one. I cannot exlpain how upset I was to find out it ended with only two seasons, and cut short. Bring back this show please! I will be coppin the comics though!
michele cipollini Posted on: 10:36 AM - Thursday July 11, 2013
speriamo che jericho ritorni in vita
fabio volo Posted on: 10:35 AM - Thursday July 11, 2013
Ŕ la serie tv pi¨ bella in assoluto, netflix riportala in vita
Genny Gennaro Posted on: 10:33 AM - Thursday July 11, 2013
Rivoglio la serie tv JERICHO.......
John O Posted on: 09:21 PM - Monday July 08, 2013
This is by far best show I've ever watched . Currently watching the series for a second time and it isn't getting old. I have about 10 people that I've recomended it to and they all love it. I would even pay an extra one time fee or make a donation to netflix if it helps bring it back!!!
daniel herrera Posted on: 02:00 AM - Monday July 08, 2013
Come on man what happened on the season 2 finale was just a slap to the face for all us Jericho fans the really hurt. It was like my heart fell into my stomach. Currently ive watched this show in a record 3 days and i would much rather watch this than. the walking dead. Yes im a diehard fan and yes we exist still. So please cbs just give the show a 2nd chance and sign a deal with netflix for all of us.
Sincerely Daniel Herrera
Dewey  Meyers Posted on: 08:19 PM - Sunday July 07, 2013
Enter your comments here...just finished both seasons on Netflix in 2 days. My first post supporting a past TV show on the Internet. The show started of slow, but picked up with better writing and dialogue in the second half. The plots were tighter, action packed with amazing character development. Skeet Ulrich attracted me to the show but the other actor proved to be excellent. I hope Netflix carries on with the same writers and actors. I and my family and friends will be sure to watch. Good luck guys!
Dave Desch Posted on: 02:09 PM - Saturday June 29, 2013
Just finished the series in two weeks. What a great show! Many interesting characters and story lines. Really hope to see the show come back
Andrea Bundy Posted on: 01:01 AM - Saturday June 29, 2013
My husband and I just started watching it on Netflix. It's a really great show! It can be at least 3 more seasons. Please bring it back!
sherriff jake greene Posted on: 03:18 PM - Thursday June 27, 2013
Just started watching Jericho on Netflix. This is a show that def. needs to be continued. So c'mon Netflix get out your wallet and make something great. If arrested development can come back I know Jericho can!!!
Witold Lewandowski Posted on: 10:26 PM - Monday June 24, 2013
This is a great show. Please bring it back!!!!!
r searing Posted on: 09:32 AM - Saturday June 22, 2013
Best show ever!!! Bring back now on Netflix. CBS dropped the ball on this one!!!
zac s Posted on: 10:33 PM - Saturday June 15, 2013
A t.v. show with an actual plot and depth are hard to come by. Don't cancel a show just cuz people don't know a good thing when it bites them in the $#@!
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