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Debbie G. Posted on: 10:44 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Enter your comments here... Every time they get a really good show, they cancel it. Its not fair! I looked forward to Jericho every week. Cancel the News instead or better yet The Simple Life!!!!
Mike McGough Posted on: 08:53 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho is one of the best written dramas on television. With a top notch cast, and crisp writing, this show is a *quality* production through and through. A first year show which CBS chose to put up against American Idol?? What show COLUD compete against that monster?

The cancellation proved that CBS cares little for quality drama and quite a bit for the easy and cheap way to make a buck, off of inexpensive reality programing. Garbage in/garbage out. I can't quite conceive of that replacement show - the kids in the abandoned New Mexico town - winning a Peabody Award, or any other award for excellence. But maybe awards are not what CBS is interested in - just more money.

The solution is for CBS to admit that they blew it - and renew Jericho for a second season, moving it to a more hospitable time slot on a different day.
Niels  Posted on: 07:08 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Let's save Jericho, It's one of the best shows out there and it deserves a second season. Even if it's just to show how loyal fans are of scripted series. Alot of people don't want reality-shows, we want to see well-written and acted shows that keep us coming back every week for more.
Come on CBS, you can make our year and give us our show back for another year and we will keep tuning in to watch it.
Gwen R Posted on: 07:04 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho is too good of a show to have only one season. Bring Jericho back for more and to finish the amazing story.

NUTS to CBS!!!!!!!!!
Jane S Posted on: 06:53 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
We want season two. Save Jericho!!
mark simmins Posted on: 06:47 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
You haven't seen anything yet! There are still TWO BIG ADS that will be posted in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety next week. The fans raised enough money to buy FULL PAGE ADS. This will be the largest fan backlash in history, mark my words.

I am fighting for Jericho, but I am also fighting for Quality Television. No more reality crap-tv. If one of your favorite shows has been cancelled in the past (Firefly, Threshold, Invasion etc.) make a stand. It is not just CBS I am ticked at, but all the networks. I have chosen JERICHO to make my stand. Please join me. A $5 donation at www.nutsonline.com will send a box of nuts to CBS headquarters, and they have said that they will donate all the nuts to the troops overseas and homeless shelters at the request of the fans. IT'S WIN/WIN FOR EVERYONE.
Courtney B. Posted on: 06:09 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho was a great show and deserves another season. Viewers are tired of the been-there-done-that primetime gameshows, hospital dramas, and police/detective dramas, not to mention reality shows. Jericho was unique, original and thought provoking. If "CBS Cares", CBS will renew Jericho for a second season.
c s Posted on: 06:07 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho must be renewed. I rearranged Wednesday evenings to be home to watch!What a great, sit-on-the-edge of your seat show!
Dawn S Posted on: 06:05 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Bring back this awesome show. I watch very little TV, but always made time to watch this one. I found it in January and in less than a week caught up with all of the missed episodes online. After that I never missed watching it online each Thursday at 6:00am-kids not up yet and no interuptions! I love the characters and the way the story explored how people might react in this type of situation.
Sonja DeChene Posted on: 05:57 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
There hasn't been a show on NETWORK TV in many years that I wanted to keep up with week after week...until JERICHO. Television today is saturated with cut and paste dramas and scripted so-called reality tv. We want substance. We want quality. We want JERICHO back for another season. CBS was instrumental, and yes, basically completely responsible for the show "losing it's steam" in it's first season because CBS took it to a 3-month hiatus right in the middle of the first season, only to bring it back in a time slot opposite American Idol. C',mon, let's be real here. The viewers aren't stupid. JERICHO was a fresh drama with substance that made you think....Please bring JERICHO back!
Linda W Posted on: 05:44 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Please Save Jericho. This is the best show CBS has had on in years. It is the only show that reaches every emotion you might have in a 1 hour show. There are too many questions in the episodes left unanswered in the show to leave it the way it is. A full season two no less is what I am looking for. CBS you have made a grave mistake, but it is not to late to fix it.
Pam King Posted on: 05:43 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
According to the Hollywood Reporter-today- Jericho was # 48 of 142 shows ranked in their 2006/2007 Primetime Wrap. So, why did CBS say the audience wasn't there??
Save Jericho!! Nuts to CBS!!
Charles H Posted on: 05:42 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Jericho was an excellent show. The premise, the stories, and the acting were all amazing. Please bring it back for another season!
H Kiesling Posted on: 05:41 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Please save Jericho! A demographics poll being taken on Jericho message boards shows that 40% (so far) of those polled don't watch Jericho live (Nielsen ratings). Instead, they watch on the internet, TiVo, or otherwise record it and watch it later. The ratings don't accurately reflect the viewers. Nuts to CBS!
Nick Bland Posted on: 05:19 PM - Friday May 25, 2007
Enter your comments here... PLEASE save Jericho there were more viewers than you thought. COME ON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather Ballard Posted on: 06:11 PM - Thursday May 24, 2007
jericho is an amazing show and it's a shame that it is no longer on air. it would be greatly appreciated by so many people. if CBS gave it a new season!!
Jesska Artinger Posted on: 05:41 PM - Thursday May 24, 2007
Jericho is AMAZING. please give it a new season! pleaseeee.
Eliana  Posted on: 01:52 PM - Thursday May 24, 2007
Don't let Jerico die!
Ofir S Posted on: 12:59 PM - Thursday May 24, 2007
One of the best series I ever watched. I will be very pleased if you will bring an other season of this great series !
Jeffrey Corcoran Posted on: 09:33 AM - Thursday May 24, 2007
This show needs to be saved and to do so we need a united front. There is a much larger effort than this site is listing even though this was supposed to be one of the main sites in the effort. Since they are burried here and the nuts are not linked to the same vendor that has 7 tons of nuts currently ordered and shipping to CBS please visit www.jericholives.com and www.jerichoralleypoint.com and join the united front so we can be far more effective then individual efforts.
David S. Posted on: 06:40 AM - Thursday May 24, 2007
Jericho IS my favorite show on TV. Me and my family would sit down religiously EVERY week and watch it live. In addition, we would go online to follow the latest goings ons in the Jericho community. We never missed it, and it was so important to us, that it transcended Tivo. We just had to watch it live. We are so disappointed in CBS that until we receive a FULL second season of Jericho, we refuse to support CBS or it's sponsors.
Brandon R Posted on: 10:21 PM - Wednesday May 23, 2007
I agree with Michelle S.

CBS has great shows on and I wish they would just leave stuff alone until the series is over espically when 90% of the freakin' country watches this show! I don't understand, most people are telling me ratings are down, how the HELL is that possible when it is such a good show and almost everyone watches it, if you can explain that then PLEASE EXPLAIN!!
Michelle S Posted on: 08:04 PM - Wednesday May 23, 2007
Please bring Jericho back its the only reason why I watch Tv on Wednesday I would stop everything... turn off phones just to watch Jericho. I cant believe CBS has stooped this low to take off a GREAT Show... let me guess they will put on some stupid reality crap.. theres enough of that on the other channels. Please leave CBS the only network with good dramas.
J Salas Posted on: 02:37 PM - Wednesday May 23, 2007
It's been a long time since a show hooked me like Jericho has! I am not a regular TV series watcher at all. I usually flip through channels in the evening til something on the History Channel, Bravo or TNT catches my attention and then settle there. Jericho hooked me to the point that every Wednesday at 8pm no matter what was going on, I was there right in front of the TV. I can tell you that if this show is not brought back, I will NEVER get involved with another serial type drama ESPECIALLY on CBS!!!!!!!!
Luke Egan Posted on: 11:59 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
Please save Jericho, one of the best shows ever...


shay pariente Posted on: 07:12 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
this is the best shpw ive ever seen here in israel a lot of people lie her in write this thing in the name of 3500 fans pleasee continue with this great show
Gary Seep Posted on: 06:54 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
Enter your comments here...This was really the only show my wife and I looked forward to watching every week and now you take it off the air. Come on kill the reality shows and give the family something worth while to look forward to every week. That is what TV is supposed to be isn't it. Bad move folks. CBS can go to my drop dead list.
Oskar A Posted on: 06:23 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
To take this show off the air would be NUTS!!!!
This is one of the better if not best shows in the sense that it forced you to think of the scary reality we live in and what both might come and what if it comes.

In a sense you could this is what a lot of artist strive for... to get people to think what if or what would i do.

to plead to your capitalistic sense, it would infamously stupid of you not to milk this money cow while you can.

Myself i can see how this show if advertised right could be the start of a new genre of tv episodes.

Oskar, Iceland
Austin Premo Posted on: 02:31 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
Jericho is the ABOLUTELY ALL-TIME BEST SHOW!! I will do whatever is neccessary to Bring Jericho Back!! Who Is With Me?
Nancy Calabrese Posted on: 01:23 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
I think CBS is crazy for cancelling Jericho. I love the people on it and the story line is wonderful. Maybe the SciFi channel will pick it up. I'll e-mail them to see what they can do. CBS is now on my S*&T list! Everyone where I work (and trust me, that's a lot of people) is boycotting all CBS watching until they thell us they're bringing back Jericho!!
OrEl Lev Posted on: 12:06 PM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
Jericho is one of the best shows i ever seen!
endind it like that will be dissapointing for sure.
Thomas Robertz Posted on: 11:00 AM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
How can they not renew it? Everybody loves it, it's a
nice plot, keeps you on your toes, and has characters people can identify with! They're mad for cancelling it I hope some
other network does pick it up
erick mary Posted on: 06:29 AM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
French U.S residents want Jericho season 2 on air next time !!!!!!

Don't kill your self CBS !
meidad hikri Posted on: 06:11 AM - Tuesday May 22, 2007
kobe gilboa Posted on: 07:18 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
Bring it back please
Sheryl A Posted on: 03:34 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
ruth reasor Posted on: 02:46 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
Jericho is one of the smartest shows out there. It is just a series, but at the same time it makes us think of what we might do and what we should do to prepare for a disaster like this. Please do not cancel Jericho.
rachel marie Posted on: 02:39 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
Jericho can not be cancelled! This is the one THING my husband and I can actually agree on and watch together. Jericho night is our date night, my husband has even made Wednesdays his day off from work so not to miss it. Please don't take Jericho off!!!

I wonder if the "On Demand" has anything to do with the cancellation of this show? I know they look at numbers of who is watching it when it first airs, but do they get a count of who is watching it on On Demand?
Alfred Cremisi Posted on: 01:21 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
It very pity that " JERICHO " has been cancelled because I loved it very much..
sari sun-lady Posted on: 12:07 PM - Monday May 21, 2007
WHY did you stop this great serie? its a bit...too realistic but,it was very well played and very interesting. it stopped when the prior mair died, well, we are waiting without patiance to the second season and CBS decides to stop it!!! why? raiting was too low? you will put a realty show instead? AGAIN???? why stop such a great serie? i'm not American and i'm very upset that you decided that - SAVE JERICHO!!! PLEASE???
Dave L. Posted on: 11:45 AM - Monday May 21, 2007
I really had it with the cancellings of really great shows :x

For once, I'd like for veiwers to have a word and not just those tight money eaters from the TV stations :x
dudu biton Posted on: 09:58 AM - Monday May 21, 2007
Please!!! We want to see the show!!
Please don'w end this amazing show!

Reported by everyone in Israel.
Chris Johnson Posted on: 08:40 AM - Monday May 21, 2007
NUTS to CBS - Save Jericho, this was a truely great series and should not be cancelled - they have loads of crap on the network and this was one thing that wasnt - DONT BE FOOLS, SOS (SAVE OUR SHOW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica R. Posted on: 06:02 AM - Monday May 21, 2007
Jericho really hooks you in to the story line and it's incredibly lame that CBS would just yank it off the air. Hopefully CBS will wake up and get their heads on straight.
Erin -- Posted on: 01:17 PM - Sunday May 20, 2007
One word for CBS: NUTS!

We won't go down without a fight! Be ready!
Wade Richardson Posted on: 12:09 PM - Sunday May 20, 2007
My wife and I are in shock CBS cancelled Jericho. I believe this is a big mistake which will lead to have fewer viewers watching CBS. I know we're changing to FOX (Fox didn't give up on the X-Files). I'm sure your company is being flooded by unhappy viewers. The show was great. It was the only show worth watching on Wednesday night!

How many CSI'S are stupid reality show's do you need at CBS? Jericho was riveting. It had us coming back for more. You should consider bringing it back for 1 more year and see how it does. I bet VERY well! CHANGE THE DAY OR SLOT. Be imaginative! Jericho has a very strong fan base. Whoever made the decision to cancel made a bad choice.

Please consider bringing Jericho back.
K Ruben Posted on: 11:16 AM - Sunday May 20, 2007
Please save Jericho!!!!
Sabrina A Posted on: 09:33 AM - Sunday May 20, 2007
For once we have found a great show that is thought provoking and interesting. So what happens. CBS cancels it. My family & friends are no longer interested in watching CBS.
Tyler Hogan Posted on: 09:09 AM - Sunday May 20, 2007
JERICHO IS THE BEST SHOW OUT THERE!!! CBS was so stupid putting it up on the same night as AI, which is the number 1 show IN THE WORLD!!! If CBS doesn't want to keep it going, I think that TNT or NBC should take it and bring it back to the glory it deserves!
Chris Hrouda Posted on: 07:38 PM - Saturday May 19, 2007
Planning for something on Memorial Weekend check it out on CBS Jericho message board. Something about protesting outside of CBS buildings in Peanut Suits.
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